About Me

Abra Ebner

My given name is indeed Abra. I love it because it's unique. Abracadabra, right?

I started writing over a year ago after working at a dead-end job where I was less than happy. I went to college to be a graphic designer, and though I do love it, I just like doing it for myself and friends. I have a hard time charging people for it, lol.

At first I really struggled, and indeed still do. I never took English classes, or even considered I'd ever care! Now, though, I could not imagine a world without writing. I have an extensive collection of journals that I've kept since I was about 14, all of which offer me a plethera of inspiration.

Now at 26, I cherish those memories.

I live in a small town, and as such, writing offeres me a chance to get out in the world. I have always been a traveler, going so far as to step foot in 5 countries within 24 hours. Germany, Switzerland, England, Canada, and US. You don't have to count the US if you don't want to, but I do!

So anyway, stop by often, and have fun while you're here! That's all I ask!


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