Children's Books

I've loved drawing for as long as I can remember, and before I became a writer, I really wanted to be an illustrator! Now that I've learned enough about writing, I'm looking to combine the two crafts within the world of Children's Chapter Books!

What I'm Working on Now:

The Moonlight Manor

This is a book I have been stewing over for over a year now. I began to write it, only to bet distracted by other larger projects. Now that Knight Angels in in Editing, though, I have come back to it.
I like to remain dynamic. Most of my books thus far have flexed a lot of Young Adult romance, but when it comes to Children's Chapter books, romance doesn't fit in, at least not in the same way.

Moonlight Manor is designed to display my talents of imagination and childhood whimsy. This also includes a chance for me to do a little drawing, and flex that creative muscle that was so well trained through college! I won't say much about the story, because I want it to remain TOP SECRET! The tale itself is far to precious to me to spoil the fun of the future finished product...

Coming Summer 2010!

Other Drawings I've Done...


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