Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nothing To Do But Write...

So it seems I'm trapped in the house today after a band of rain sat over our small town dumping what seems about two feet of snow (up to hubby's knees!).

The worst part it that that band of moisture is STILL sticking around for what looks a while. It's going to warm up a tad, at least.


I just hope the power doesn't go out (it did last night but only for about 30 min.)

Gives me lots of time to work on writing and my project for my other blog Love & Domestication

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Keary Taylor said...

Oh yuck... I hope it at least leads to lots of productivity while you're snowed in!

Lissa said...

That's a terrible way to start March, although I'd love to be stuck inside for a day or two. Like you, I've got some writing to do. Have fun and stay warm!


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