Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sneak Peek Wednesday!

Here is a sneak peek into Knight Angels: Book of Life (Book 3!)


Ariel and I had walked quite a ways down the river. She urged me to leave the bank, but I was afraid that if I did, I’d miss Max if he were to appear in the In-between. Ariel had tried to convince me that leaving the water’s edge was alright, that I wouldn’t miss anything, but how did she know?

“I’m a Seer, but also a bit of a prophet. Just like the prophets of Winter Wood.” She reminded. “Not all Seers are prophets, but only Seers can be prophets. Part of my struggle in my last life was escaping the Black Angels. I was a very rare breed as a prophet, and as such they wanted me for their side. They hunted me like game. Finally, I just couldn’t deal with it anymore. I took my own life.”

I stopped walking, not able to picture how such a young girl could ever feel so lost, so tormented that she would take her own life. Girls her age were supposed to worry about simple things and not chased down like a fugitive. “How could you kill yourself? How did you do it?”

Ariel plucked a flower and spun it in her hand. “I poisoned myself. It was a painful way to go. If I were to do it again—”

“Don’t do it again.” I shuttered. For whatever reason, it reminded me of Emily and how I used to fear the direction she was headed in. I wondered how she was doing now, without me there for her. Despite the fact that we’d never really gotten along, I felt a loss of control toward the fact that at least I had been there to keep an eye on her. I had to take refuge in the fact that Wes would never let anything happen to her. She was so new to the moral lifestyle she had transformed into before my death that I feared a relapse back to her old ways. I grew irritated with the subject and changed it. “So, as a prophet can you still see what’s going on in the world?”

. . .

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Cassandra Richards said...

When is this going to be released!!!???

I feel like I have been waiting for years.

Thanks for the sneak preview. Can't wait to read it! :D


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