Monday, May 23, 2011

Book Reviewers! Come here...

Okay, so we are finally (finally...(finally...)) getting ready to begin releasing info for Ladybird Ladybird as well as send out the many many ARC (review copy) requests we received a few months back. As we do this, however, we are also going to be sending out release info, trailers, and other fun things for your blog.

To make our list keeping easier, we'd like to collect you all in one place as the marketing, editing, and me side of things all have different lists going (very unorganized! But we're trying!!).

So, even if you've emailed us in the past SIGN UP (because we love you all to death!).

Some fun promos we are planning to do:

Giveaways: Money! Not just books but gift certificates, music CD's, and more, all having to do with Ladybird Ladybird (and you as a blogger are entered in a freebie contest, too! Just for being a part of it!). We are also offering a free prelude download of The Key: A Short Prelude to Ladybird Ladybird for free and we'd love to send you the info for your fans!

Cover for 'The Key: A Short Prelude to Ladybird Ladybird'

Exclusive Book Trailer Releases: The book trailer is almost done and we are planning on three different versions. A teaser (longer than the one I posted last week), a 30 second version, and an extended version (2+ minutes). You want to be a part of the club and get this exclusive content for your blog before YouTube does, trust me!

Actress Trial Shoot:

Pre-Made Blogger Posts: We are making this easy and fast for you, pre-making the HTML for you to copy/paste and customize for your blog! Instead of minutes spent pleasing your followers, think SECONDS.

Other Announcements: Along with this we are going to send out other announcements on books from Crimson Oak Publishing that meet your blogs interest and criteria (but we're not spamming you! You are our most valuable asset and we don't want to piss you off!)

No Spamming: As I said above, you are our most valuable asset and we will never sell your address or hit you with emails that are irrelevant to books and the utter love of them. All you'll receive is useful content for your blog. If you decide you hate us, unsubscribing is a breeze with a link in each email.

So, at last. If this all sounds good to you then sign up!

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Lindsay said...

Just signed up! Thanks for posting this! How stinkin' exciting! =)

Vicky Doretto said...

Just signed up! *o*


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