Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hitting The Green...

So. I've been working really hard to learn how to golf for a while now. My wonderful husband tries his best to teach me, but needless to say it's difficult - I'm stubborn.

He video tapes my swing then tells me what to change. I have no clue whether it's a good or bad swing, or what a good or bad swing even looks like. All I know is that on the golf simulator at the golf shop, I supposedly hit 80mph, and that's 15mph more than most women...


Told my friend that, and being that we're both German, she says,

"Using your muscles from Brussels!"

I just think I look like a major nerd... Seriously. But still, once you get all the nice golf clothes on (unlike below) Then I suppose I at least look the part...

And yes, I get it. I'm pale, but give me a break. I just had skin cancer burned off yesterday..


Keary Taylor said...

If you and your husband ever want to come golfing on Orcas Island we'd give you a great deal (our family just so happens to own it) ;) It would be awesome to meet you sometime! And your swing looks better than mine from your video!

Thayná said...

Wow! This looks really nice!
But I TOTALY suck at golfing, REALLY!
I tried once... No comments about it.


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