Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Book Cover Dilema: Revision Number... One Million??

So, I keep going back and forth with this new cover...

I make a cover, and then a few weeks later I always start thinking - it could be better...

So, once again I am going to leave the choice up to you. In all actuality, the four new samples almost make a great coupling! I should use them all in the entire series!

For right now they're going to have stock photo lines, so try to ignore that part. I don't want to buy the photo if I won't be using it.

Also ignore, if you can, the poor photo quality, again it's 'web' so... But do give me your opinions and vote!

Current Cover

New Options





So leave me your comments! I need to know what you think!


Anya said...

Wow Abra I think you should use them all for the series but the first one, girl in the woods, is absolutely GORGEOUS for the first book!
You should totally go with that one:)
And it got 100% in the votes;)


designbybrenda said...

I totally understand the redo's. Boy do I understand.

The guy in 4 looks gay and I don't think you want that. 2 is my fav!

Good luck!


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