Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What I'm Reading Now... Fallen - and my thoughts on Hush, hush


I finished Hush, hush just this morning. Loved it. I'll admit, there were a few pages there where I was wondering where Patch went, but then he came back and it was all good from there. That was my one and only hang up in an otherwise flawless plot! (the font bugged me, though. It was the italics, they were hard to discern from the rest of the text)

I really loved the danger that was involved, and the edge. I liked the darkness of Patch, not to mention the force he often used. I liked the end, and I like the connection they now have...

I like it, period.

What's Next?

Well. This is a question easily answered. I have been told to read Fallen by many people now. I am moving on to it right away. This afternoon in fact (while I try to drown out the boredom of the daily elliptical)

Another angel story? Is that what it is? I guess I should read jackets...

Let's face it, I'm shallow. I DO judge books by their cover (and wine)

Oh well, right? They're all good in the end, and they're all positive steps forward in my continued education in the world of literacy and writing. Improving my skills, that's all I want. What goes up, as far as my grammar goes, will continue to go UP!

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