Thursday, January 14, 2010

What I'm Reading Now...

I've got to not only write like a fiend, but read like a fiend to keep my edge. In the last week (While on my vacation in Arizona) I managed to read The Everafter, and the first book of The Immortals: Evermore. I am now about halfway through Blue Moon.

I have this nasty knack for looking ahead in books. It may be this habit that I need a Kindle, but I just can't part with the tangible and touchable "3D" book.


Back to Blue Moon. At first, when I looked ahead, I didn't like the fact of what I read. But now that I've read all the in between, I get it, and I see where it's going. I like it! This series is the first I've found that fits with my own style of writing. When I began reading it I kept thinking "Oh, so I can use that word, and I can go that far..."

Te he.

Sometimes it's hard to know where you want your morals to lie when writing a book that will be read by malleable teenage minds, but I guess what I need to remember is what my own personal teen experiences were like, and let's just say I was no nun, 'wink, wink.'

Stick with what I know. Duh.

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