Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cabin Fever!

Yeah. Cabin Fever.

Everytime I finish a book, this is me. I run out of things to do, and I'm so used to being inside, that the thought of even approaching my door seems daunting

and the car is getting an oil change, so I have no car.

I feel like I need an adventure! And not just any adventure, but Indiana Jones, James bond, go on a vacation, adventure.

But I don't have my car.

So a walk around the neighborhood in the rain will have to do.

Knight Angels now Available on Kindle and Amazon. Barnes and Noble. And others to come... (nook, sony e-reader, iPad...)

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Jami said...

Sorry about the cabin fever. :(
I hope you get your car back soon so you can go somewhere fun!

Becca said...

You need to go celebrate!!! I think a night out might help the cabin fever :)


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