Monday, April 12, 2010

It's a Party!

Because anyone who gets this is a friend, follower, or fan, I think it's fair to say that Knight Angels has actually been released early for Amazon customers (can you believe that? it never happens that way) I know, I know, exciting...

In May, it'll be available to Barnes and Noble readers, Nook, iPad, Sony e-reader (may take longer for them, their finicky) Various international Amazon stores, and more!

So, happy early release party day!


Anya said...

YAAY Abra thats great!!! Congratulations!:) Im SOO excited to get my copy of Knight Angels and devour it hehe <3

Lena said...

YAAAY!!!! Congrats! I seriously need Amazon/snail mail to move a litttttle bit faster. Can't wait to read it! :D

christinacorlett said...

Congrats, Abby! I can't wait to get my copt to add to my growing collection of your work. Hope all is well! Haven't heard from you in a while! :)


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