Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Re-Living My Childhood ♥ Part 3

Well, todays "re-living' post took me a little longer than I expected. Props to kids for knowing how to put this stuff together.

I guess at some point I knew how to put it together, too! I tried to find directions, but I guess the model is too old for it! Now they have some fancy NEW barn...


Mine is still better!

Shall we?

Playmobil Horse Barn

Well, despite the fact that I found a half-eaten lollipop in the box (and yes, I'm quite sure it's at least ten years

and the fact that it took me almost and hour to figure it out, with a whole pile of leftover pieces (I'm pretty sure I've mixed the western barn with the english barn... but oh well.)

It still come out beautifully!

The Story:

My dad used to bring me a piece of Playmobil home every time he went to New York on business. He'd go to FAO Schwartz and I LOVED it... Based on the ten giant moving boxes I have, he went a lot!

Here are my pics!

Yes, I have an Elephant on my farm. He has one ear, luckily he's showing you his good side!

I even had the horse trailer and Jeep! Cats, pigs, baby cows...

I don't think I'm going to get sick of this!

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designbybrenda said...

So cute... I was nutty over Barbies, but alas... I gave them all away. They went to a good home.


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